Firm Profile
Osborne & Ho, Inc. is an unusual professional services firm because we focus on quality and not quantity. By deliberately maintaining a small client base we are able to provide in-depth, personalized and very timely service.

We not only provide the traditional compliance services (tax returns and financial statements) but more important, we become partners with our clients and assist them in all areas of their business, professional and financial lives. Their success is our success.

We believe in the value of relationships; many of our client relationships go back decades. We are prepared, in most cases, to give up our independence with respect to a client if that will better serve that client's needs.

We do what it takes to satisfy our clients. With our broad background of varied experiences we rarely encounter situations that we either haven't seen before or that we cannot accommodate.

We are very selective in accepting new clients. We want to ensure that any new relationship will prosper and be mutually beneficial to both sides.

We are located in Kailua, Hawaii, on the beautiful windward side of the Island of Oahu. Our clients are located all over Hawaii and the mainland U.S. With modern communications such as faxes, e-mail and the internet, distance is no longer the issue it might once have been. In addition, we frequently travel to see our clients to maintain and strengthen our bonds.